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Inis Gjoni Video Kokaina [Latest]




lyrics: Kokaina èini ka shighega, Kokaina èini ka shighega, Kokaina èini ka shighega, Kokaina èini ka shighega, Category:1962 births Category:Living people Category:People from Korçë Category:Albanian female singers Category:Albanian pop singers Category:Albanian folk singers Category:Albanian composers Category:Kosovan people of Albanian descent Category:Kosovan female singers Category:Kosovan composers Category:Kosovan musicians Category:Kosovan songwriters Category:Kosovan expatriates in Italy Category:21st-century women singersShould Mentally Challenged Persons Be Allowed to Have Guns? "I am not only an advocate for the Second Amendment but I believe in the idea of armed and ready citizens defending our country and our Constitution. I believe that every man who is able to handle a firearm should be allowed to have one in his possession and use it when the time comes." - Senator Chuck Schumer "Government has no business telling you what you can buy or sell (or) what you can do with it. All I ask for is the same right and ability to defend my family and my property that you have." - Senator Chuck Schumer "When the founders put the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights they didn't just want citizens to be able to own them, they wanted citizens to be able to use them. And they didn't want citizens to use them to fight on behalf of the United States government. They wanted citizens to use them to fight against government." - Senator Chuck Schumer "More Americans are murdered every year by shootings with guns than by all other causes combined. Gun-control laws don't stop such killings. What they do do is take away law-abiding Americans' means of self-defense. It's time to get tough on criminals." - Senator Chuck Schumer "New York values teach us that government should be responsive to the needs of its citizens. It's one of the great things about being a citizen in a democracy." - Senator Chuck Schumer "Democracy is based on one person one vote. It was not put in place to allow people to have 30 or 40 votes. Our Founders put in place a system of government where one person, one vote, one dollar, counts the same as



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Inis Gjoni Video Kokaina [Latest]

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